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FREE Film Noor Kahn: an Unsung Hero of WWII Sun, March 30, 2pm to 4pm. In the Peristyle.
This docu-drama tells the story of Noor Khan, the daughter of a famous Sufi teacher from Gujrat, India, a descendent of the Tiger of Mysore Tipu Sultan, and an American mother. She grew up in Paris guided by her father's philosophy of respect for different faiths, even as nationalism and ethnic chauvinism was on the rise across Europe. A delicate, thoughtful girl, who loved children, she studied child psychology and became an author of children's books. She was possessed of great sensitivity and a strong nurturing instinct. After her fathers death, her mother withdrew in seclusion, devastated by loss. Noor, then thirteen, became head of their large household, including two other siblings and many relatives. But her life in France soon came to an end. Forced to flee her Paris home when the Germans invaded, this quiet, shy young woman became an unlikely hero, volunteering to return to France with a secret British effort to nurture and assist the French Resistance movement. Working as a radio operator, in disguise, she was for a time in 1943 the only surviving member of her group. Changing her residence and transmission points frequently, she outsmarted the Nazi authorities several times.