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Silver Jubilee Celebration 2014

As we welcome Lord Shri Venkateshwara in our temple, we have the privilege of hosting Sri Venkateshwara Kalyanam on Sun Nov 16, 2014. Kalyanam will be performed by Pt. Venkatacharya Samudrala from Sri Venkateswara Temple, Pittsburg, and our own Pt. Anantkumar Dixitji. This is the first Kalyanam after Murti Pratistha, and it is a great honor and privilege to witness the symbolic celestial wedding of Lord Sri Venkateshwara with Mata Sridevi and Mata Bhudevi. (Click here for program details.)
Kalyanam means auspiciousness. Kalyanotsavams are performed for Loka Kalyanam, and bestows health, prosperity and wealth within communities performing this sacred event. Kalyanam is a katha involving Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakhmi and their love, humility, duty and blessings that spans many yuga (see below). I am very thankful for the devotees who have undertaken the Kalyanam, and cannot wait to participate in this event.
The Hindu Temple invites all community members and friends to join in the celebrations and receive the divine blessings of Lord Shri Venkateshwara , Goddess Sridevi and Goddess Bhoodevi.
I hope and request our community to participate in this beautiful celebration with great joy and fervor as we continue to be blessed by Lord Shree Venkateshwara this year.
For sponsorship and further information, please reach out to our coordination team: Coordinators: Lakshman Bhandaru (419-410-4353), Sapna Reddy (419-508-2979)
Food Coordinators: Vinoda Nagisetty (419-885-3231), Rama Katrapati (419-882-5323)
Decorations: Veni Ragothaman (419-861-5152), Rajitha Kattar (419-787-3849)
Volunteer: Ranga Vemuru (419-356-6374), Krishnapriya Pindiprolu (419-491-8091)