Hindu Temple of Toledo

Minutes of Executive Committee Meeting

March 19, 2006


 Present: Dr. Sudarshan Jetley, Dr. Ajith Pai, Dr. Ashok Salvi, Mrs. Paramita Mukherjee, Mrs. Leena Bhojraj, Mr. Gulshan Malhotra, Pandit Anantkumar Dixit, Dr. Charu Trivedi, Dr. Sudarshan Pasupuleti and Dr. Udayan Nandkeolyar.


  1. Dr. Jetley called the meeting to order at 2:00 p.m.
  2. The minutes of the February meeting were approved.
  3. The Treasurer’s Report was not immediately available due to some delays in data availability.  It will be ready within a week.
  4. Pandit ji asked for approval of two events.  Both were approved.
    1. Swami Pratyagbodhananda would conduct discourses on three days from May 5-7, 2006.  The cost to the temple will be $300 for ticket and an honorarium of $400 in addition to living expenses while in Toledo.  Previously, Pandit ji has provided accommodation for him in his home.
    2. This year Shradhapaksha will occur from September 10-17.  Pandit ji suggested that we again invite Rajguru Bharat Bhai from Los Angeles.  The expected expense on travel and honorarium is expected to be $1000.  Previously, this event has attracted sponsors to the tune of $3000.
  5. There is a need to develop a procedure for collecting checks from sponsors as well as other users of Temple services.  Mrs. Leena Bhojraj and Mrs. Paramita Mukherjee reported that part of the problems with presenting the accounts in a timely manner is that checks from as far back as 6 months have not come in.  Sending reminders cost time and money.
  6. Dr. Charu Trivedi reported that fliers for the Yagna are ready and will be mailed soon.  The Temple website contains information about the event.  Mrs. Uma Vora will be in charge of the decorations.  The tent has been reserved.  Sample of the momentos have been approved, and orders have been placed.  Fifty havan kunds will be needed.  Pandit ji said that the Temple owns some, and he will be able to arrange the remaining from Toronto.
  7. With regard to the Media Committee, it was decided that only a few people should talk to the press on behalf of the Temple.  These would be the President of the Board of Trustees, the President of the Executive Committee and Pandit ji.
  8. The committee decided to make no changes to the format of Aarti because this is the format people are used to and expect.  To speed up the process of distributing Prasad, it was decided that there should be multiple lines and thalis.  The event coordinator should try to ensure this.
  9. On occasion, when people from outside our community visit the Temple, we should make an effort to escort them after the Pooja because they do not know how to proceed without offending us.
  10. Dr. Jetley will be creating a list of tasks for the Pooja coordinators.  This will reduce confusion with regard Pooja activities, Prasad distribution and handling of visitors.
  11. Since most people tend to sponsor the same Poojas from year to year, one way to increase sponsorship is to ask Pooja coordinators to call sponsors from previous years.  A list of sponsors for each Pooja from the previous two years is available, and is given to the sponsors.
  12. Reminders for membership will be sent out on April 2nd and June 3rd, 2006.  At that time, the community will be reminded that while they may attend Temple events and services, non-members may not participate in Temple activities.  A proposal to conduct a phonthon was rejected.
  13. Dr. Udayan Nandkeolyar suggested that the Temple should investigate the possibility of accepting payment by credit card.  This will be discussed at a later time.
  14. Dr. Sudarshan Pasupuleti will present a questionnaire to understand the community’s expectations in April.
  15. It was decided that the names of the lunch sponsors should be displayed on a board next to the serving line.
  16. Dr. Sudarshan Jetley suggested that food sponsors should be sent a letter of appreciation by the Hospitality Committee on behalf of the Temple.  This was accepted for implementation.
  17. Next meeting will be held on April 16th.



Minutes of the Meeting on 6-12-06


The regular meeting of the Board of Trustee of the Hindu Temple was held on Monday June 12, 2006 at 7:30 p.m. (actual meeting was called at 7:50 p.m.) at the Hindu Temple of Toledo. Chairman Rasesh Shah called the meeting to order and the following items were discussed.

The following members were in attendance:

Raj Bhatia, Bhawna Bhatia, Rasesh Shah, Jiwan Gupta, Arvind Shah, Sudarshan Jetley, Om Sharma, Rajni Sharma, [ a total of 8 members].


  1. Rasesh Shah opened the meeting with a brief note of that Dr. Khushala Hegde, Dr. Arun Patel and Dr. George Felix passed away and in their memory the committee observed a minute of silence.
  2. Minutes of the April 9, 2006 meeting (as amended from the comments received from Sudarshan Jetley) were approved as submitted. The motion to approve was moved by Raj Bhatia and seconded by Arvind Shah.
  3. Rasesh Shah briefed the committee regarding Pandit Anand Dixit’s contract.  The highlight of the contracts are:

a.       Pandit Anand Dixit signed the employment contract with the Hindu Temple of Toledo on 5-29-06.

b.      Panditji’s present salary before the contract was $28,000 per year and the new salary from 6-1-06 will be $35,000.00 per year. A 25 % increase.

c.       Panditji will be given additional $500.00 one time only as a goodwill gesture.

d.      Panditji will have 16 days vacation time.

e.       In a year Panditji will be allowed 10 days of continuing education and $2,000.00.  Reimbursement of $2000.00 will be based on submittal of paid receipts.

f.        A dental coverage for him and his family has been promised.

g.       Panditji will keep a logbook of his outside religious activity and receive permission from the President of the Hindu Temple of Toledo.  Outside religious service should be performed on the basis of first request first serve basis. Sudarshan reported that such a log book had been placed in the Temple “Office.”

h.       Panditji will not be permitted to go out side to perform religious activities during Temple hours.  In extraneous circumstances with the consent of the President of the Executive Committee, he may be allowed to go for religious ceremonies during the temple hours.


  1. Executive Committee President Sudarshan Jetley reported the followings:

·        Sudarshan recognized Charu Trivedi and Panditji for arranging a successful event Devi Yagna.

·        He reported that total donation revenue raised from the Devi Yagna was $61,000.00 and out of which $52,000.00 has already has been paid by devotees. Remaining $8,000.00 is still need to be collected. He further reported that an approximate total expenditure of Devi Yagna was $20,000.00.  Thus a total profit is in the neighborhood of $40,000.00.

·        Sudarshan explained the family presence on the stage during the Yagna. A comment from the Board was that Panditji should not stress caste (such as Brahmin etc.) related rituals.

·        Sudarshan further reported that Devi Yagna Memento was arranged by Sukeshini Raghuveer.

·        He said that there is an YTD net income of $67,000.00.

·        On the Festival, Sudarshan said that various festival committees are formed and meetings are ongoing.  He further said that to participate in the festival, he is implementing membership policy with the exception to American children and guests.


  1. Om Sharma informed the Building committee activities.  He explained kitchen extension plan in detail.  Looking at the plan, Bhawna Bhatia suggested that along with kitchen extension we should look the expansion of storage area, so that it will relieve the present storage for class room.  Om Sharma further reported that finishing basement at the Panditji’s house will costs $20 -$25K.


 6.   Finance Committee report is presented by Rajni Sharma. The main points of reports are:


·        Both CD is at Fifth-Third bank and earns 4-7% interest paid quarterly.  A $70K CD will mature in November.

·        She said that we should look into balance portfolio as this portfolio has made money.

·        Insurance for $1M has been purchased from State Farm insurance.  The insurance practically covers all executive committee members, Board executive committee members.

·        Safe Deposit Box for the Hindu Temple is at Charter One Bank.  Rajni Sharma and Ajit Pai have one key each of the box.  Both are signatories on the bank file.


7.   Fund raising Committee Chair Arvind Shah reported that members were approached to  solicit funds during Devi Yagna as he consider Devi Yagna is a part of fund raising. Raj Bhatia said that any religious activities such as Yagna and Festival should not be considered part of fund raising.  It was a general feeling of the committee. Arvind further said that he is looking into an outside theatre for big entertainment program related to heritage of India. 


8.   As decided in the previous Board meeting that discussion should be carried out for lunch donation so members discussed the item and unanimously approved the following lunch policy:  The motion was made by Raj Bhatia and seconded by Om Sharma.


“Starting July 2006 or soon there after, the Temple will use a Ticket system for Sunday Lunches. The cost of Lunch will be $ 3 per person for Paid member, students and $ 5 per person for non- paid members. Children under 5 as well as the Puja sponsors and Lunch sponsors for the day are free.” Ticket should be purchased from treasurer prior to serving the Lunch.


9. Other items:  Raj Bhatia introduced that the Hindu temple in an efforts to raise funds, should create a “Special Plaque for Big Donors”.  The definition of Big donors is:

100K +

50k – 99.999k; and

25k to 49.999K

This will induce donors to make additional donation to reach to “Special plaque Big donors.”


10.  The meeting was adjourned at 9:00 p.m. with a motion from Raj Bhatia and second by Om Sharma.


Respectfully submitted,

Jiwan Gupta, Secretary


Note: It is to inform to Board of Trustees that a special meeting of the Executive Committee of the Board was called on Sunday July 9, 2006 at 2:00 p.m. at the Hindu Temple of Toledo to hear presentation from Ila Mehta on Gandhi Jayanti program.  There were only four executive committee members were present (Rasesh Shah, Jiwan Gupta, Arvind Shah, and Sudarshan Jetley).  Due to inadequate number to get quorum, Rasesh Shah cancelled the executive committee meeting.


The Hindu Temple of Toledo

BOT Meeting on 7-30-06 at 2:30 p.m. at the Hindu Temple of Toledo. [Please Plan to attend]



Agenda for the Board meeting:

·        Call Meeting to order

·        Approval of minutes of the last meeting

·        President's Report

·        Fund Raising Committee Update

·        Building Committee Update

·        Finance Committee Update

·        HR Committee Update

·        Open Discussion

·        Other Items


Submitted by,

Jiwan Gupta