February 17th

5:30 PM

Sri Hanuman Chalisa  Recitation



6:00 PM

Actual “Maha Shiva Ratri” Please Click here for the flyer


February 18th  

7:00 PM

Vedanta Class: Discourse on Narad Bhakti Sutra by

Swami Tatvavidananda from Arsha Vidya Gurukulam  PA.     


February 19th 

7:15 PM

Bhagavad Geeta Study


February 22nd  

10:30 AM

“Maha Shiva Ratri” Celebration Flyer



10:30 AM

Sri Surya Namaskar



11:00 AM

Sanatan Dharma School



12:30 PM

Arti / Lunch sponsored by Kulbhushan & Manju Gupta




Puja & Event Coordinator: Manju Gupta 419-535-5598




With a goal to build on the 2014 success and in line with our Cultural Objectives for 2015, we announce the Festival preparation kick off – Zaica a.k.a. Flavors of India. This will be held at the Centennial Terrace in Sylvania on Sunday August 9th  (note change of date).


As mentioned in our steering address to the community, this year’s Cultural fest team will be led by Anumpama Mohanty while the Operations will be led by Arun Agarwal.


We also welcome Ms. Garima Dixit and Ms. Poonam Saini who have joined the team with Anumpama to help put together the biggest show of this year!


Early planning is essential to the success of this large undertaking where we expect about 5,000 visitors. We request all interested to connect with Anupama, Arun, Garima or Poonam as applicable to forward your names for participation by March 5th 2015.


Poonam Saini- kids (5 to 13 yrs old) parents please forward names with age.



Garima Dixit- Adults and couples



 Choreographers- Anupama at (419) 9028110  anupama.mohanty@gmail.com.

There will be a Choreographers meeting on 15thMarch 2015.


Arun Agarwal – Operations, suggestions, volunteering, food ideas (440) 220 0625


We hope you will share in this excitement to make a showcase event and look forward to your support, engagement and involvement as essential requirements.