Please click here for information on the upcoming Murti Sthapana (April 25th and 26th).



  • Committed pledges approximately $ 10,000 from 12 donors for the upcoming Hanuman and Nandi Sthapana.  We are lagging in our rate to meet goal ! We have a little more than 6 weeks to go before this life event and are counting on your pledge.  The goal is to have 108 unique donors versus 12 commitments. Donations can be made through Paypal, Check or Card or sign-up sheet at the Temple Board.   Alternatively, you can send us your pledge via reply mail and one of the coordinators Puneet Goyal, Dr. Laxman Bhandaru and Rajesh Laungani will be in touch with you.

  • In our enthusiasm, we have ended up with one extra Hanuman Murti. It is about 24” x 19” and made from the same high quality marble used for current Temple deities.  This is being made available to any community member through a silent auction on Sunday March 22.  Starting bid is $ 1,800 and includes delivery to your home (Toldeo) and religious Sthapana by our priest Anant Dixit.  The murti will be placed in the foyer area where bids can also be made. Proceeds will be credited to the Sthapana Event at the end of April.

  • Thank you for the confirmed 12 puja sponsors. Your support goes a long way ! Special Thanks to Uma Savanoor for getting sponsors. If you are interested, please send us a reply mail to this communication and put Puja Sponsor in the Subject Field.  We will get in touch with you promptly.

    • Ugadi / Gudi Padwa Pooja will start at 10.45 am on Sunday March 22. This will culminate with a relaxed afternoon filled with Bollwood Music immediately following lunch. Sunday lunch will be provided by Arti Bhat, Kalyani Thakur and Niru Biyani.

    • Uma Savanoor has signed up for lunch slot in March 29.  A shout-out of to all sponsors (lunch and Puja) for their commitment, engagement, and support.

  • Anis Chandani, a famed artist from Los Angles has graciously accepted our request to perform in Toledo. He will be accompanied by local talent Aditya Thakker, Revati Thusey, Ram Prasad, Sumitra Srinivasan and others. Please see attached Flyer.

  • Now preparing the list of devotees wanting to participate in the 24 hours of recitation for Ram Navami. Starts on Saturday March 28th at 10 am. The sign up sheet is in the Temple or alternatively, you can call the any of the following coordinators: Anjali Gray, Nina Goel, Manorama Rao, Rashmi Agnihotri.

  • Festival of India preparation and planning sessions are underway with auditions / sign up for participants being put together.  If you are interested, please get in touch with the organizers

  • Calling yet again to the community for a helping hand to our part time employee Julia Mendez who you see working at the Temple every Sunday.  She has lost her primary job and is need of any help we can extend. Please help her seek a day job / primary employment.  She is also available if you need help with House Keeping, Maid Work, Baby Sitting.  Basically, anything that will help her will go a long way.  She can be reached at (419) 250 8077.  Please have her in your mind as you engage services in these areas.

    Weekly Schedule March 16th 2015



    March 17th

    6:30 PM

    Sri Hanuman Chalisa 


    March 18th

    7:00 PM

    Vedanta Class: Discourse on Narad Bhakti Sutra by

    Swami Tatvavidananda from Arshavidya Gurukulam PA


    March 19th  

    7:15 PM

    Bhagavad Geeta Study


    March 21st

    10:00 AM

    Shree Venkatesh Suprabhatam Puja & Abhishekam ( Actual Ugadi )



    11:00 AM

    Shree Vishnu Sahasra Nam Parayanam



    12:00 PM

    Arti / Mantra Pushpam / Sankirtanam


    March 22nd

    10:45 AM

    Ugadi / Gudi Padwa Celebration Puja & Abhishekam



    10:30 AM

    Surya Namaskar



    11:00 AM

    Sanatan Dharma School



    12:30 PM

    Arti / Lunch

    Puja Coordinator: Uma Savanoor 419-841-8147



    2:30 PM

    Bollywood Musical Afternoon with Anis Chandani and team