Gita Class @7PM Thursdays
 Gita Class is Every Thursday from 7PM-8PM
Bhakti Ka Safer, Yatra Special, Thursday, June 23
Please pay Yatra fees,$35 per person (members/parents), $50 per p...
Swara Madhurya -A musical evening by Vegensa found
 FREE admission. Donate generously for welfare of differentl...
Book review by Dr Om Sharma Sunday, June 26 @ 11am
 Dr Sharma will share his perspective on "Art & Sci...
Community Event at Toledo Seagate Food Bank
 Please sign-up
Community Picnic, Saturday, July 16 @ 10 am
  Providence,Picnic Shelter and Dam Shelter,  Park...

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Weekly Highlights: Monthly Shiv Puja & Rudrabhishekam; Sri Hanuman Chalisa; Monthly Sundarkand 

 Maha Keshar Abhishekam 
Maha Sudarshana Homam
It is said to be great punyam (merit) to perform Abhishekam and Sudarshana Homam during Simhastha year, which comes every 12 years ... 
It is indeed a great privilege to perform / participate / sponsor such a big “Maha Keshar Abhishekam / Maha Sudarshana Homam”on the occasion of “Simhastha” Temple inauguration anniversary celebration ! 
Under the guidance of Pt. Anantkumar Dixit and three additional qualified Vedic priests; the sponsor devotees will perform the Maha Kesar Abhishekam / Sudershana Homam. We invite all devotees to participate in this puja ! 
Mark your calendars -- August 6, 2016, 8:30 a.m. - 12:45 p.m. 
Suggested Donations

Utsav Yajaman : $ 5001 
Maha Keshar Abhishekam for selected Deity or Shiva Lingam
Kalasha Sthapanam and Sudarshana Homam
Kalasha Sthapana and Sudarshana Homam : $ 1008
Homam : $ 251
Best Wishes,
Community Service Team 2016
Weekly Schedule
 Due to summer vacation, there will be no Vedanta class, Geeta Study, Surya Namaskar & Sanatan Dharma School
Do join us for our regular Sunday Arti and delicious Sunday lunch on June 12 at 12:30 p.m. ! :)
 Weekly Acknowledgments

Swamiji Visit Coordination : Praveen & Kamala Tamirisa

Lunch SponsorshipVeda & Kalpana Mohanty; Devdatta & Madura Shukla; Harsh Chawla & Smita Rao; Jyoti & Sweta Jain; Shankar & Tamali Roy; Vikas & Teena Bawa
King Road Clean-Up: Thanks to our volunteers for the King Rd. clean up -- you know who you are :) Thanks to our coordinator, Jay Jindal 



We sincerely appreciate your interest and participation. We are all set with  transportation arrangements, which was done based on RSVP list. Looking forward for great joyous journey, the "Anand Yatra".
Please pay Yatra fees,$35 per person (members/parents), $50 per person (non members/parents by June 15
When :Thursday, June 23, Start time : 9 AM, Return time ~ 7 PM (All participants are requested to be at Hindu Temple of Toledo by 8.45 AM)
Where :Visit Parashakthi(Pontiac, MI),Saibaba (Livonia, MI) and Hindu Temple (Canton, MI). 
 Event coordinator : Ila Gupta (419 324 5465)
Best Wishes,
Community Service Team 2016