Schedule  Week of 09/21/2015



September 22nd

6:30 PM

Sri Hanuman Chalisa  Recitation


September 23rd

7:00 PM

Discourses on Meditation by Swami Tatvavidananda from Arshavidya Gurukulam PA.


September 24th

6:30 PM

Shree Vishnu Sahasra Nam Parayanam ( Ekadashi )



7:15 PM

Bhagavad Geeta  study 


September 27th

9:30 AM

Shree Venkatesh Suprabhatam



10:00 AM

Shree Venkatesh Puja / Abhishekam



10:15 AM

Shree Vishnu Sahsranam Parayanam



11:00 AM

Shree Satya Narayan Puja and Katha. ( Monthly )



10:30 AM

Surya Namaskar



11:00 AM

Sanatan Dharma School 



12:30 PM



Intra Community:

A special than you to VAISHALI  PATHAK,  USHA SALVI,  LAKSHMAN & SUVARNA BHANDARU for a very organized Ganesh Puja and events coordination.  Special thank you ALL the lunch sponsors and Puja Sponsors – Srinivas and Laxmi Vemuru, Shiv and Sharmila Shetty, Kiron and Pratap Torsekar, Sanjay and Vaishali Pathak, Raj and GIrja Krishna, Ashok and Usha Salvi, Mukesh and Asha Pitroda and Abha Nandkeyolar. The Temple and its management is grateful for our support and commitment.


Special thanks for the Dhol and Tasha Band that volunteered their time to come from Detroit.  For those who were present, it was a pleasant surprise.  For those that missed the event, please see the video clip attached to this mail. 


Thanks to Supriya Joshi for hosting the Ganesh workshop and to all the participants and their member and non-member parents for attending.


Thanks to Pooja Jain for taking the time and effort to host a flushot clinic and showing such a positive attitude. Unfortunately, there was no interest from the community to avail of this convenience at the Temple.

Thank you to Shreya Trivedi who has agreed to help with the Navratri on October 17th at 7 pm at the Temple !  The Executive Team looks forward to working with you.  We will have a live band, Arti, food and snacks. Please click here for details of ticket sales prior to the event and pujas sponsorships.  Paypal link will go live starting 09/28/15


Members and Board Members who have STILL not paid your dues for 2015, please do so at the earliest.

The Temple Directory book is out.  If you are a member, please stop by and collect your copy.


Save the date of November 11 for Diwai Mahalaxmi Puja at 6 pm and Annakoot and cultural program on Saturday the 14th at the Temple.  Details on participation and help to follow.


NO LUNCH SPONSOR YET FOR NEXT WEEK.  Please reply to this mail or call at (419) 450 9963 if you are able to sponsor lunch next Sunday, Sept 27