From the Desk of the President:

 Happy Shri Krishna Janam and Independence day to everyone!  What a beautiful day of celebrations  today.  Community’s engagement and celebration is at such a great level of energy that it makes me extremely happy  and proud to be a part of our community.


 This (Sun, Aug 17th) morning I attended one of the best Independence Day celebrations that I have  attended.  Celebrations were hosted by Abhay and Vandita Prasad.   Dr Nagi Naganathan, interim President of  University of Toledo was the chief guest and many community members performed patriotic songs and dances.  There  was so much patriotic fervor that for the duration of the program lot of us forgot that we were not in India. Attached is Dr Naganathan’s beautiful speech for those who may have missed it.


 I just (Sun, Aug 17th/Mon, Aug 18th 1 a.m.) came back home after attending the Shri Krishna Janam celebrations  hosted by Anand and Sanjana Brahme.  Again, I have to say that it was one of the best Shri Krishna Janam celebrations  I have attended.  Our classical bharatnatyam dancers, trained by Mrs Bina Joe, performed beautiful Krishna Leela, this  was followed by Bhajans by our community members and such a fun Dahi Handi celebration with all the kids.  Panditji  created so much excitement of the Krishna Janam towards the mid-night with the lights switched off that all the  devotees became ‘bhav –vibhor’.   When I left about an hour ago, it was looking celebrations will go on the entire  night.


 Given so much energy and enthusiasm in the community, I can’t wait to see the Ganesh Chaturthi, Durga Puja, Garba  and Diwali celebrations.